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Image by National Cancer Institute


Get started quickly with remote care for your patients with  ArtemisCare's eCare4You platform

  • Complete care management platform designed for physicians and other qualified care providers to provide remote care to their patients

  • Care providers can start providing remote care within a day with eCare4You QuickStart deployment and get reimbursed via the eligible RPM CPT codes, creating a significant new revenue stream

  • Artemis Care handles everything from patient enrollment to claims processing, allowing care providers to stay focused on providing the best care to their patients


  • Prescribed by your doctor at no cost for qualified Medicare and Medicare Advantage participants

  • Personalized care plans for clinical, social and emotional health based on your care needs

  • Daily check-ins, health surveys and vitals that trigger alerts to your doctor for prompt and timely care

  • Timely medication and appointment reminders

  • Built in telemedicine facility to get in touch with your doctor or nurse when needed

  • Ability to share health status and progress with family allowing them to stay involved

  • Connect with family and friends at the touch of a button

  • Use technology you are most comfortable with such as your TV, Alexa or smartphone

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