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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up with ArtemisCare?

ArtemisCare offers different services to meet your care needs. Some of these services may be covered through Medicare. These require your doctor's prescription. Others can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis. Please fill out your details on the contact form and our care professional will help you choose the right service for you

Do I need to sign a yearly contract?

No. ArtemisCare services are available on a monthly subscription basis. We do require two months notice to cancel the subscription to allow us to inform your care professionals and archive your health data.

Why is ArtemisCare right for me?

ArtemisCare solutions are designed with you in mind.  Use of channels that you are already familiar with such as television, Alexa and iPad, along with smart apps and web portal, make engaging with ArtemisCare very easy.  The high level of personalization means that the platform is fine tuned to your specific care needs. Coupled with the ability to communicate through language of your choice makes ArtemisCare a unique and innovative remote care solution designed just for you.

Is ArtemisCare a telemedicine service or an emergency response service?

ArtemisCare is neither a telemedicine service nor an emergency response service. If you have a medical emergency you should immediately dial 911. ArtemisCare is a remote care management service. It allows people with chronic conditions like diabetes, COPD, CHF or mental health conditions to stay connected with their care providers and stay complaint to their medication regimen. By doing so, they will be able to avoid preventable emergency or hospital visits and improve their quality of life. ArtemisCare has a built in telemedicine platform that could be used by your doctor to provide you with telemedicine advice if needed.

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