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Seamlessly integrate eCare4You platform with your EHR, portals and service workflows to offer remote care as part of your services 

  • Artemis Care can handle integration into your platform as a turnkey project or you can do so yourself with our easy to use APIs

  • API and Microservice based integration framework enable seamless integration with your workflows

  • FHIR standard datasets enable consistent data exchange capability 

  • SSO enablement and white labeling capability allows smooth user transitions across portals

  • Secure HIPAA compliant cloud architecture ensures data security and protection 


  • Automated data exchange eliminating any dual data entry need

  • All eCare4You platform capabilities including daily check-ins, customized care plans, health surveys, biometric device data, triggers and alerts available 

  • Ability to set timely medication and appointment reminders in eCare4You portal from your workflow

  • Access to telemedicine feature within eCare4You platform

  • Ability to share health status and progress with family and other care providers to allow them to stay involved

  • All ArtemisCare channels such as Alexa, smartphone and patient portals available to your members

  • Real time synchronization of relevant patient data between eCare4You platform and your EHR

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