About Us

Right care at the right time through the right channel to achieve the right outcome at the right cost.

We believe that care is more than providing clinical support. Our holistic notion of care encompasses clinical, social and emotional considerations of care delivered through our user friendly platform. Connected care enables better health outcomes and well being, our easy to use technology connects users with care providers, care givers, social agencies and family members to create a complete Circle of Care. Our solutions are designed to provide the right care through consistent monitoring, with timely interventions by the care providers and support by the family members guiding the way to healthy independence.

Our Approach


All people need that extra level of loving care and support to stay connected and healthy. Our state-of the art, ArtemisCare solution does that and more - reminders for medications, appointments and life events;  health monitoring and timely interventions by care providers avoiding preventable hospital or emergency visits; increased awareness of health conditions through on-demand educational videos and peer groups; linkages to social and community services and more - all designed to provide a path to connected living and healthy independence.