Back-To-Work Platform

Are you worried about the pandemic and protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers? Provide the confidence and assurance to employees and customers with ArtemisCare's Back-To-Work Platform based on their 4-P Framework.  Sign up for free consult today. 

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Planning a safe re-opening?

Implement our Back-To-Wplatform for safe return of both employees and customers.

Care when you need it 


You should not have to wait for care, it should be available whenever you need it. With ArtemisCare connected technology, you are always connected with your care providers, care givers and family members whenever and wherever you need. Our easy to use ArtemisCare solution allows you to provide daily health updates and stay informed about your health and well-being, using technologies and language that you are most comfortable with. Clinical support technicians monitor your input and alert care providers to get you the right care at the right time, enabling you to stay healthy at home and avoid preventable hospital or emergency room visits. 

You are never alone with the ArtemisCare by your side. Contact us for more details.


Staying Cared, Informed and Connected

We designed ArtemisCare to make it easier for you and your loved ones to manage chronic conditions, hospice and palliative care needs or to simply age independently at home. In addition to your daily health monitoring and care reminders, stay connected with social agencies, support organizations and pharmacies to address your other care needs . Our library of up-to-date audio-visual educational content keeps you and your care givers informed and educated on how best to take care of you and your care needs.  

Our ArtemisCare solution is designed with your complete care needs in mind.  Our goal is to allow you to stay cared, informed and connected while living life on your terms.  contact us for more details.

Care as part of living

ArtemisCare allows you to integrate care into the way you live and requires you to make no major adjustment to your lifestyle. Care with ArtemisCare is as simple as watching TV or having a conversation with your loved ones. Using your choice of channels of communication and language, ArtemisCare gathers your health data and enables you to connect with your Circle of Care without stress of having to learn new technologies or behavior. 


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Live a connected life

ArtemisCare will send you timely reminders for your medications, appointments or even your grandchildren's visit on any device of your choice. ArtemisCare is your channel to connect with the world. Use it to play your choice of music, to communicate with your care providers, make appointments, reorder medications, get social services, arrange rides to the doctor,  link up with your peers or simply stay in touch with your family. 

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Participate in a healthier life

Healthier the habits, better the health outcomes.  ArtemisCare is a complete health platform designed to support, inform and connect you to a healthier life. What are you waiting for? 

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